[ANN] RevOnRockets Web Development educational Package!

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[ANN] RevOnRockets Web Development educational Package!

Post by SoapDog » Wed Jan 03, 2007 2:58 am

Hi Folks,

I did this announcement on the use-rev mailing list but I guess some people just use the forum so I am posting it here too. I'll also expand my text a little since we have no 18k limit here and I feel like writting.

It is with imense happyness that I make available what I came to call RevOnRockets package. This package is a bundle of a web server, libraries and demos, everyting in 100% transcript.

The objective is to help the aspiring web developer (and the seasoned one) to create their web applications, the RevHTTP server runs inside the Revolution IDE and is able to run text file based cgis as well as serve files, this alone enables everyone to develop for the web from inside rev, using the debugger!!! Develop and Test your CGIs from inside revolution!

This is of course freeware with source. All code is commented, specially the webserver code. I give this to this wonderful community as a token of gratitude for all the years that everyone and his dog helped me!

What is included:
  • RevHTTP - 100% transcript web server with new features and cleaner code.
  • EasyCGI Core library - a simple library for building text file cgis.
  • EasySessions - a simple library for session management.
  • EasyDebug - a error report tool for CGIs.
  • libCGI compatibilty functions - RevHTTP has a compatible API that allows libCGI based apps to run inside it.
  • Demos for all libraries and even AJAX demos!!!
More documentation is expected as time goes. The demos and the libraries will also have updates. Right now they are very bare but I do like them and use them everyday.

Have I mentioned that I commented my code yet?

ALL FREE!!!! license is: cannot-blame-the-brazilian-guy-if-it-explodes-public-license 1.0

Have fun! file is here http://andregarzia.com/RevHTTP.zip

Launch http.rev and click start!

This is the foundations of what I discussed on this post This post. From here now, I'll build plugins and higher level libraries. Anyone in the mood to discuss anything?

happy 2007 everyone


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