How to install LC Server on Godaddy VPS

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How to install LC Server on Godaddy VPS

Post by Clarkey » Sun Jul 22, 2018 10:25 am

Hi folks,
Reaching out to Unix specialists for help in configuring a Godaddy VPS (CentOS 6 with cPanel / WHM & EasyApache4) for LC Server support... specifically establishing the necessary Apache modules, which are not currently visible in EasyApache4 as options to enable.

Whilst EasyApache 4 has mod_cgi enabled, neither mod_actions nor mod_alias appear in the modules list - and I can't see any options or find documentation on EasyApache on how to add 'missing' modules.

As this is Linux, I'm wondering if there may be a:
  • Configuration text file somewhere that may be filtering the available modules list that I need to edit or
  • Some means to install the requisite Apache packages add to the available modules?
Any insights greatly appreciated.

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