win 7, IIS, MSSQL server,PHP and strange encoding

Are you using LiveCode to create server scripts or CGIs?

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pati tamas
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win 7, IIS, MSSQL server,PHP and strange encoding

Post by pati tamas » Fri Feb 19, 2016 11:21 am

Hi everyone!

I'm not shure, if this is the right place to tell my experiences, but anyway an interesting story could help someone:
I've created an app for android, wich sends variables to php and IIS, in order to get data posted back.
The issue is strange:
- 3 pc runs IIS 7,5, same php scripts on all of them, ms sqlserver 2008 express
- i have saved the php scripts in UTF-8, and ANSI
-2 computer runs without a problem, the third one behaives strange

If i save the scripts of php as ANSI, the other two computers have no problem, except sql where clause works opposit.
(let say where Xy like [a%] the other Xy like [!a%] gives the opposite results.)
Now on the third computer, ANSI is not working, because gives the error: can not find the matching characters of the connString in UTF-16, i assume livecode on UTF-16. Try to save php scrips in UTF-8, connstring already fine, now complaining about the variable the app trying to send to php, and also says that the columnames when it echoes back the result, enclosed like this: ['xy']
Since the proper way is like it, therefore i do not understand what is really going on .
I have already changed the variable name to simple letters without ÓŐÁÉ stb., but on ms sqlsrv the columnames has given names using those fancy letters. Might be the workaround to close those columnames in back thicks, but i have tried that whit no awail. After googling for days, some say that IIS 7.5 has a bug, that overrides any order in php or others concerning encoding. There is a fix from microsoft, did not work eitfer.
Finally what i think: never use ÉÁŐ etc. in columnames, variables you want to send to php must be as plain as it could be/no those letters/, dont use occupied words even with back thicks, IIS is tricky, use something else if you could, livecode app should send converted variables, in php should convert the array you send back to livecode app and voile, it might works.
Livecode server whit livecode apps the way, i just can not do it of the company reasons.
Does anyone had something similar experience like i have?

Thank's reading my little story about my misery. Good day to you all.

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