special fonts with server delivery of stacks

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special fonts with server delivery of stacks

Post by Steve » Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:26 pm

I have programs using special foreign language fonts (e.g., Turkish) that work fine when published for Windows (i.e., a standalone is created) ... but when I put the source code on a server (in order to "go to" the program from another Windows standalone) the special foreign language fonts appear to be unavailable, and regular letters appear, creating gibberish. This even happens when the stack is delivered to a Windows computer that has the necessary fonts installed!

The main question is, how does one get a LiveCode stack delivered from a server (which cannot be a standalone) to display special fonts correctly?

But there are some "secondary" questions regarding how fonts work in general, and why this problem occurs. Are special fonts "embedded" in a standalone when it is created? Does a stack delivered from a server look for fonts on the computer on which it is being run? Is there a way to embed fonts or call special fonts from a source code (i.e., not a standalone) stack? Or more likely, is there a way to embed the needed fonts in the Windows standalone that "goes to" the stack on the server?


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