Looking for an LC Coder for a Smart Testing App

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Looking for an LC Coder for a Smart Testing App

Post by spaceman » Wed Jul 21, 2021 3:15 am

I need your help to make something that I am trying to prototype and test. I am located in Los Angeles. This is a non-commercial project (for now) - it's a prototype to test whether or not a certain idea is worth pursuing further.

The app I need to prototype and test is similar to a flashcard learning type of application - of which there are many examples online and in various app stores.

For example it can be used to optimize the process of learning by memorization, using flashcards that are generated and presented according to an algorithm that chooses which card to present, how long to present it for, etc.

The testing algorithm will start out simple, but we can enable loading of different algorithms in the future - some of which may take statistics about how the user has performed in the past, or is performing during a test session, as input in choosing which cards to present during the test (so it may dynamically adapt as it is being used to not only test, but also to intelligently train, for better flaschard test performance by the user.

One use case for this app is learning optimization. It speeds up learning. It can also be used for testing and training via testing and optimization of the learning process.

It can also potentially be used to diagnose and measure learning styles of different people, by experimentally testing various ways of tweaking test parameters to cause the user to perform better or worse on memory and recall.

There are many more advanced features that can be developed later, but are not necessary to go into now -- and one in particular that we can discuss confidentially.

You need to be skilled with LC for starters, and in particular you should be proficient at working with tabular data, and you should be very good at math (particularly statistics to analyze data for statistical significance and various correlations), visualizing the analysis with charts and graphs, and outputting reports. If you are familiar with data analytics and optimization methods, that would be a plus. This is an app that has an extremely simple UI but requires some mathematical analysis behind the scenes to analyze and optimize test performance across tests and users.

Please reach out if you think you are the right fit for this project. The first prototype should be easy to make and will probably only take a few hours. It is a very easy app to build, but the analysis and data viz could take some more time later. Also - please let me know your rates, and share your LinkedIn or other experience, and some examples of LC apps you have made that I can try to see what your work is like.


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