Anybody else running in to problems?

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Anybody else running in to problems?

Post by mister » Thu Dec 22, 2016 10:15 pm


I'm going through the new lessons and there still seems to be problems. Simple Messages was ok. There were problems with the calculator, the decimal point for one. But i have to go back through it for the umpteenth time to make sure it wasn't me. It did work using the live code finished stack.

The Notes app on the mac
A. There is no code for the Notes-List_Field in the LiveCode resource stack, so at first i couldn't compare what is wrong with the lesson or my mistakes
B. I copied the code from the resource stack on my windows machine and used it on my Mac Notes App which may be the reasons for some of the errors, but i don’t see how.

Neither the slides or the video tell you to declare local variables. Maybe, live code expects you to know this by the time you get to this lesson? Question - i assume you have to declare local variables even when using data grids?

When i type a new note with one line of text everything is fine. The note shows up in the notes list, the text is there when i return to the note card and the file is saved with .txt, But, in my notes list there is always a line with .DS_S -tab- & the date > just like a note would be.

When i type a note with multiple lines and returns, the entire note shows up in the notes list and when i return to the note card there is no text. The file name shows up in my folder but without .txt i have used the documents folder and desktop folder with the same results.

Also, the preOpenCard code - Slides > put character 1 to -5 of urlDecode (item1 of tNote) into tNoteName. Video > put urlDecode (item1 of tNote) into tNoteName.


Notes List field - on my stack - the hilited line does not take me back to the note card. Live code’s does. i thought maybe the fact that my computer is on a server was the problem but i had it partitioned off and the files still show up in the respective folders.

Multiple line notes (same story as the Mac) except the note doesn’t show in the noteList field at all and when i return to the note card there is no text there either.


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