LC web building vs a Nocode dynamic page Builder ?

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LC web building vs a Nocode dynamic page Builder ?

Post by liveme » Sat May 08, 2021 7:16 pm

Hii guys,

I'm on a simple "technical" dynamic page website project..and would like to produce a rough working page as quick as possible.
since I've never used LC to build any page, I'm sorry to ask the questions here without even looking much at what the Doc says about LC html building !

My quick question is :
- How much time would it takes for one to produce one page with one Datagrid, simple filters, linked to a DB ?
allowing filtering on all columns (10) and 2 joined tables.

compared to using a nocode builder like SoftR (User managment needed)

This is more about the Time it would take to build a working 1 page Grid with filters than about getting a nice page design.

if anyone have used any nocode plateforms such as SoftR (or alternative) I'd like to hear about your experience with that...

Thanks a lot

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