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[Solved] MySQL rollback won't roll!

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:10 pm
by AxWald
Hi, (solution at the end)

I have this (relevant snippets only):

Code: Select all

on BeginTrans DBID
   put "Start Transaction;" into StrSQL
   revExecuteSQL DBID,StrSQL
   get the result --#debug
end BeginTrans
=> result "0"

--[1 SELECT & 1 INSERT statements here, that work]
--[now I want to know if can roll back:]

On RollbackTrans DBID
   put "Rollback;" into StrSQL
   revExecuteSQL DBID,StrSQL
   get the result --#debug
   -- get revdb_rollback(DBID)
end RollbackTrans
=> result "0", or empty in the commented version
The rollback is ignored. As if I hadn't called it.
I don't get any MySQL errors (as happens if I send a wrong SQL), I don't get any LC errors, it just writes the data, but refuses to roll back.

What I'm doing wrong? MySQL is 5.6.21

I'm sure it's another stupid error, thx for any help!

Have fun!

Edit & Solution:

The MySQL is MyISAM, and this doesn't support transactions ...