Valentina 2.3 for Revolution Released

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Valentina 2.3 for Revolution Released

Post by Lynn » Tue Apr 11, 2006 3:53 pm

Valentina 2.3 for Revolution Released


Leading multi-platform database vendor Paradigma Software, Inc, makers of the ultra-fast Valentina 2 Office Server, announce the shipping of Valentina 2.3.

Valentina 2’s next generation, object-relational database model builds on the traditional relational database model much like C++ builds on top of the C language. All that you know from working with traditional database systems from IBM, Oracle and Microsoft also apply to Valentina-based development. This robust technology excels at ultra fast management of millions of records. Valentina is not another in-memory database but a true disk based DBMS.

Valentina 2.3 includes a dramatic leap forward in speed for database JOINS (including data from two or more database tables) with a new breakthrough algorithm. In a comparative analysis in base configurations between Valentina and MS SQL Server 2000 on Windows, on joins of 5,000,000 and 20,000,000 record test databases, Valentina was between 2-6 times faster than MS SQL Server. Based on file structural differences of even larger databases, Valentina 2.3 can be 50-100 times faster or more (MS Server, mySQL, PostGre, SQLite and Oracle have the same file based limitations), depending on the record size of a table.

Valentina 2.3 also includes the following new features and improvements:

* Improved speed and performance in Add Record commands.
* New SHOW commands: SHOW TABLES, SHOW COLUMNS, and SHOW DATABASE. These return the database structure as a cursor.

Valentina 2.3 improvements are available in all versions of Valentina Office Server and ADKs for COM (VB 6, Delphi), .net (VB 2005), Macromedia Director, Runtime Revolution and REALbasic, as well as Embedded Server (a part of Valentina Developer Network).

Valentina 2.3 for Revolution is available through Runtime Revolution's RevSelect program.

Valentina Studio, the browser, query, and administration tool was updated to version 2.3fc16, including support for the new Valentina 2.3 file format. The Mac OS X version is a Universal Binary application.

ADK Standard Edition ADKs start at $199; VDN pricing begins at $499. Owners of the 2.x versions of the products receive a free upgrade to 2.3.

For more information, visit the Paradigma Software website at

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