Browser widget timeout?

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Re: Browser widget timeout?

Post by FourthWorld » Wed Sep 18, 2019 4:02 pm

A web server should not time out.

You may be able to query properties of the request to present a better experience for the user than the browser engine does on its own, but given how rare timeouts are with web servers this is not normally a significant concern.

I believe it may be useful to examine the server and/or connectivity to determine why timeouts are occurring.

FWIW the Adobe URL you provided loads here in about 6 seconds, with most of that being supplemental requests and rendering; the initial request meets with a reply almost instantly.

The error codes from tsNet will advise you when a timeout occurs, and based on it being derived from the industry standard curl library I would imagine tsNet inherits timeout duration from curl's defaults. That may be settable, but since most devs in every language using curl rely on the defaults, and users have little tolerance these days for slow page loads, lengthening that duration may mask the underlying issue but not resolve it.

If you're seeing timeouts frequently with large server clusters like Adobe's, you may find it more rewarding to shift the focus from error reporting to error prevention.

Do you see such timeouts on many other well-maintained domains?
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