Autofill option for login to a site on the browser

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Autofill option for login to a site on the browser

Post by LiadTal6 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:17 pm


I'm using the browser widget in my mobile app.
If the browser connects to a Facebook page, and the user login to his account in the first time, the browser remember his account details and he doesn't need to sign in again to his account.
If I connect the browser to another site, the user need to sign in to the site every single time that he enters the app.

The site that I'm using is just an example, and there is a lot of sites that the browser doesn't remember the details of the account of the user, and I don't know what is the difference between those sites and Facebook.

Is there any way to let the user use an autofill option with the LC browser?

Thank you.

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