revBrowserGet with revBrowserOpenCef of LiveCode (7.04) with

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revBrowserGet with revBrowserOpenCef of LiveCode (7.04) with

Post by Little_Nemo » Sun May 03, 2015 6:13 pm

Hello everyone, :D

This is my first post here and it is about the use of revBrowserGet with revBrowserOpenCef of LiveCode (7.04) with Yosemite OSX and Windows 7.

On Windows hopefully I get very well the selected text from the displayed web page, with the option: "selected" of revBrowserGet
The same operation on OSX: accented letters and apostrophes are missing (in French in my case).
The same thing happens with the "htmlText" of revBrowserGet.
But the browser is the same in both cases (Chromium Embedded Framework) and web pages appear perfectly in this browser on Mac and Windows and I use LiveCode 7 UTF compliant.

Why revBrowserGet does not work on Mac with accented characters from the CEF browser that displays perfectly the page? Is there a trick? Is this a bug? I found nothing on this particular topic on the forum or report a bug ...
It makes me mad :evil: , because this is the main function of my current project.

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