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Spell Checker library

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 9:25 pm
by trevordevore
Hi all,

I've uploaded a Spell Checker library to Github. It works on macOS and Windows*.

- Uses system spell checker on macOS (NSSpellChecker).
- Uses Hunspell for Windows.
- Command for flagging misspelled words in a field which uses the LiveCode `flagged` property.
- API for implementing spell checking while the user types. Example code that can be inserted into a front script is provided in the README.
- Function for getting suggestions for misspelled words.
- Github repo is in Levure Helper format meaning it can be dropped right into a Levure project.
- README has Instructions and Release page has LCE files that need to be installed if you want to use Spell Checker in a standard LiveCode project.

View the project and browse the README:

Download the latest release and the necessary extensions:

* If someone wanted to compile Hunspell for Linux and submitted a PR with the .so file then Linux would magically start working. I don't develop for Linux though.