DataView and DataView Tree Updates

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DataView and DataView Tree Updates

Post by trevordevore » Wed Jan 01, 2020 8:07 pm

Happy New Year everyone!

I've uploaded updates for the DataView and DataView Tree Helpers. The big addition in these releases is a robust Drag Reordering API, but there are a number of other features and bug fixes as well.

Here is a link to the docs on the Drag Reordering API in the DataView: ... dering-api

The DataView Tree Drag Reordering API builds off of the DataView API. Docs are available here: ... dering-api

DataView Version 0.6.0

Releases page: ... tag/v0.6.0

Repo page with README: ... ree/v0.6.0

DataView Tree Version 0.3.0

Releases page: ... e/releases

Repo page with README: ... aview_tree

The DataView and DataView Tree are packaged as Levure Helpers so that they can easily be added to Levure applications. Ultimately they are just LiveCode groups that use behaviors so they can be incorporated into other applications as well with a little work.
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