Teacher and student community

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Teacher and student community

Post by tore–nilsen » Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:30 am

As discussed at the conference on Thursday 4 August, we need to build a community geared towards educators and students using LiveCode. The purpose of such a community is to share ideas, techniques, solutions and problems, and to give each student and teacher a wider community than what can be provided in the classroom. The hope is that both educators and students will find inspiration and motivation in being part of an international community, and that such a community can be used to put LiveCode in the hands of more teachers and students throughout the world.

I have now set up a Slack team called LiveCode Students for this purpose. At the moment the team is invitation only, and I would very much like educators who are interested in taking part in such a community to send me a DM at tore.nilsen@me.com. I will then invite them to join the team as owners and administrators.

As owners and admins they will be able to set up both public and private channels and they can then invite their own students to join the team. All students will have access to all public channels and to the private channels they may be invited to. Educators will also be given access to a private channel called staff_room, where it is possible to have a coffee break and a civilised discussion with other educators.

It is not necessary to teach computing classes full time, anyone who’s work include teaching coding with LiveCode is welcome to join. Any other members of the LiveCode community who would like to contribute to the education community may also send me a DM in order to join the team. Remember that the discussions primarily will be related to curricular activities and not LiveCode in general.

Tore Nilsen

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Re: Teacher and student community

Post by capellan » Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:32 am

Hi Tore,

Years ago, I used LC successfully in my design classes and could help other teachers to do the same.

What kind of support this new community could provide for teachers and students
who want to use LiveCode in their classes?

1) Writing scripts for stacks used in the classroom?
2) Providing server space for teachers (and students) to upload stacks?
3) Building Server side CGI scripts to store data (text or images) uploaded from stacks in mysql databases?
4) Creating new scripts to implement rsync protocol inside LC IDE and within standalone apps?

Thanks in advance!


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