Is this what we need?

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Re: Is this what we need?

Post by AxWald » Mon Sep 27, 2021 2:45 pm

richmond62 wrote:
Mon Sep 27, 2021 11:44 am
The problem, as we all know is not the 25 bucks, it is the perception
that C# and friends are what employers need.
While the 25 bucks are not much it's still money that has to be acknowledged, quarreled over, argued about & maybe finally allocated by the "bureaucrazy". So for 25 meager bucks the chance is taken that some stupid accountant blocks the whole project & leaves the poor pupils in the rain. A brilliant idea, marketing at its best, isn't it?
And "what employers need" isn't actually experience in a tool marketed as to "create your own apps", right?

Have fun :)
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Re: Is this what we need?

Post by richmond62 » Mon Sep 27, 2021 7:42 pm

Have fun :)
Not if I can help it.

Why do I keep feeling that 99% of LiveCode's woes come down to marketing?
isn't actually experience in a tool marketed as to "create your own apps", right?
As I was wandering down the road from signing 28 pointless documents at my accountant's office towards the bank
to bung some money in one account, take some money out of another, and sort out the "актуализация" as one
does ( 8) ), I just happened to get into a chat on the pavement with the lead programmer of a company that does
a lot of out-sourcing in North America, and he pointed out, "What you have done with those kids, and what I have
seen of LiveCode, is that you have got them thinking in such a way that when they come up against C++ and C# they
can get on with it really easily."

SO: "who gives a monkey's" if the market needs C++ and C#, Java and whatever, when children can get the initial
bump-up they need with LiveCode? Having got that initial bump-up, all those languages that are in demand are considerably
more accessible in a way that they would not be had those children not had "a belt" of LiveCode to get the old grey cells
working in a way that is required for computer programming.

But I have said, written and screaned this many, many times before . . . .

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