Hard time editing a Button Script with Com plus 9 dp11

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Hard time editing a Button Script with Com plus 9 dp11

Post by teriibi » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:59 pm


I was using Com Plus version 9 dp10 with no problem.
I updated it to 9.11 and since then a bothering thing happens.

A the time of right clicking to open the script Menu access, no menu appears...
I click several time and nothing, the button remains in Edition mode with dots all arround.
I close the whole thing switch to 9.10 reopen the same stack under 9.10, and eveything works right away, edition, save, etc...

I swicth from one to the other and after a while 9.11 starts bugging the same way.
(well maybe the 9.11 is for somehting ! :wink: )
W10 / 64bits

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