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Bug or Feature Request? WebMIDI in CEF

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:07 pm
by PaulDaMacMan
Bug or Feature Request? WebMIDI in CEF
There are flags in Chromium browser to enable WebMIDI API (enabled by default in Chrome since around June 2015)... I'm not sure if flags need to be set when building a Chromium Embedded CEF thing (like RevBrowserCEF is)
Here's some WebMIDI API info: ... s/web-midi
When I load a webpage that uses WebMIDI in a LiveCode RevBrowserCEF I the javascript throws a message saying the browser does not support WebMIDI API. The page loads and functions properly in Chromium Browser.

On the other hand I can use the regular/old RevBrowser (not CEF) and install the Jazz-MIDI web plug-in to gain web-MIDI but I would rather not have to have users install a web plug-in for an my app to work. I believe recent CEF builds should have Web-MIDI already built-in.