Return value from AppleScript

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Re: Return value from AppleScript

Post by PaulDaMacMan » Thu Dec 05, 2019 12:00 am

I hadn't realized until now that on macOS you can use any OSA scripting language via the 'Do' command. Which should mean that since macOS 10.10 you can actually use JXA (JavaScript for Automation) via the 'Do' command, which has an ObjC bridge object, which should give macOS LC scripters another way (another way besides LiveCode Builder, and perhaps AppleScripttObjC, though I was never really successful with my attempts to use that from LC's 'do') to access all of the System API's and other libraries & frameworks via ObjC.import()! I'm going to have to test that out when (if?) I ever get some free time!

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