Firebase notifications "tied" to one App

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Re: Firebase notifications "tied" to one App

Post by simon.schvartzman » Fri Jul 12, 2019 7:05 pm

HI sphere, thank you for sharing your standalone settings. Here are mine:
The main differences I see are:
  • You are using LC 9.0.5 (I've tried and made no difference)
  • Your minimum Android Version is 7.1 while mine is 6.0 (that's the device I have available)
  • I'm not using a key to sign
  • I'm loading to a physical device instead of using the emulator
Are you able to identify any other thing that could be causing the trouble?

Anyway many thanks for your efforts to help me, moving forward I'll be chasing Panos & Company regarding the bug report...
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Re: Firebase notifications "tied" to one App

Post by sphere » Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:52 pm

Hi Simon,

the screen of me was lc950dp1, but it should not matter.
Also it should not matter the version of Android as i test on 4.4.2 & 8.1 and previous on a Android 6.
A sign key should also not matter for testing.
I tested both on real devices and emulator, on both a key should appear.
Also the minimum Android i previous used was 4.3.0 and also worked.

So mus be something different we are unable to lay our finger on. But i'm almost sure it's not lc904/lc903 as i used these versions too, and it worked.

Hopefully they will check your addition to the report and figure out what it could be. Maybe you have to send your test stack.

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