Blank X,Y Axis - Line Graph Widget

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Blank X,Y Axis - Line Graph Widget

Post by Googie85 » Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:52 am

Hi Guys!!

I have included a screenshot of my app and I hope that I can explain myself clearly! What I am trying to do is remove the text on the X,Y Axis and leave them completely blank.

Any Ideas??

Many Thanks,


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Re: Blank X,Y Axis - Line Graph Widget

Post by AndyP » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:03 am

It looks like there is no allowance for this in the widget.

You can try setting the ink to transparent under the color tab of the widget properties which will remove the text.. however you will also lose the grid lines.

The other option would be just to cover the x and y-axis labels with a borderless graphic rectangle the same color of your card background.
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Re: Blank X,Y Axis - Line Graph Widget

Post by [-hh] » Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:28 am

This is more related to LC Builder than special to Android. So I saw your post late.

A member of the team** has already implemented this feature, it's all done. He simply forgot to add the properties (what is done in 10 Minutes).

I have no time for a pull request (probably try to learn in the next weeks), so, as long he didn't add these properties, you could use the following.
  • 1. Change the ending of the attached file from "zip" to "lce" (do NOT unzip).
  • 2. Add the widget: Locate this lce-file with the Extension Manager (use the plus at topright).
  • 3. Restart LiveCode.
You will see a second chart icon that has the tooltip "Line Graph Temp" and has included
properties "showXLabels" and "showYLabels"
(use the property inspector, see also the dictionary entries).

Please note.
Of course, I had to use another signature (kind "") because I cannot use kind "com.livecode.widget.linegraph".

** Edit. It was not Monte, he told me. I had some post by him on the use-list in memory and concluded from that.
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