Is there a demo of the excel library?

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Is there a demo of the excel library?

Post by karmacomposer » Fri May 18, 2018 2:13 pm

Since the same company that makes Datagrid Helper made the Excel Library, i'm asking it here.

I need to import a excel .xlsx sheet (just one page) into LiveCode and turn it into a form (it is a very specific form and I need it to import 100% intact).

Can I use the Excel Library to do this? Is there a demo I can use to make sure it works before I spend $200?

One snag is that I don't actually use MS Excel. I use Softmaker Office with Planmaker (an Excel clone). Is this a problem?

Thank you.


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Re: Is there a demo of the excel library?

Post by Zryip TheSlug » Sat May 19, 2018 5:39 pm


We have an open sources version of the Excel Lib usable as a demo: ... en-sources

However I can reply directly to your need: as the Excel Lib is requiring the MS Excel app installed so no, the Excel Lib will have no help importing your xlsx file.

For reading a xlsx file directly, I have started a xlsx lib, but it is in alpha right now and your "100 % intact" need is something we will not reached depending of what the 100 % is covering in term of style, macros, buttons, etc. Considering the Excel existing features, estimating a "100 % intact" goal is to vast to confirm something without to have the beast under the eyes.
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