Scripting Standards

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Scripting Standards

Post by chipsm » Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:16 pm

When I script, I try to use some of the following standards:
I do use comments to explain my scripts -
If I have to go back at a later time and even in recent reviews, I use comments to explain my logic for the script.
I also use the following comment tags:
I use all caps so that the comment stands out. I also use the "#" to mark permanent comments and I use "--" to mark scripts that are temporary or for testing purposes. This is the comment that LiveCode provides under the Edit Menu: "Comment and Uncomment" choices. I can look for these comments and repair, replace or eventually make them permanent.

For custom commands, I use the "Command" word rather than the default "On" that LiveCode provides for buttons and etc. This allows me to quickly see my custom commands vs the standard commands.

These are just a few standards that I use besides the recommended standards for variables and the likes that other, more experienced LiveCode users.
I make these comments and look forward to input from some of the other, and Novice and even the more experienced LiveCode users. Some great ideas come Novice users too.

I realize that this may seem trivial but please don't ignore this post. I am always open to all user input. It stimulates creativity.
Clarence Martin

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