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Post by mturney » Wed Dec 31, 2014 7:39 am

HL7 is a language that is used by medical informatics and I am looking for anyone who may have experience in the interface between LiveCode and HL7. Please contact me if anyone has any experience. Thanks!
Matthew Turney, MD

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Re: HL7

Post by richmond62 » Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:30 pm

A cursory reading about HL7 on Wikipedia suggests that "HL7 v3 messages are based on an XML encoding syntax" . . .

So, if one can read XML into a Livecode stack there doesn't seem any particular reason why one might not do that from HL7v3:

http://lessons.runrev.com/m/4071/l/7011 ... n-xml-file.

"Once we have the XML tree, the final step is to use revTalk's XML library to get the required information out of it. We use a series of calls to the XML library to extract each piece of information from the tree."

Then one could perform operations on that data inwith Livecode!

Then one would need a 'reverse' script to convert the finished work back into XML/HL7 and export the data back to an XML file.

!!!! http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1639 ... n-xml-file

Mind you, all you are going to get after all that is a front-end for your HL7 stuff.

http://www.gillogley.com/hl7_interface_ ... tion.shtml

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