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RevSelect Vendor FAQ

Post by Lynn » Wed May 03, 2006 8:53 pm

RevSelect FAQ

RevSelect is Runtime Revolution Ltd's online venue and store for sale (and promotion for sale) of third party and joint-development products. Runtime Revolution is the premier tool for cross-platform development and provides multiple opportunties of integration with third party products:

1. Extending the Revolution IDE (add-ons);
2. Adding new capabilities to Revolution applications (coded in lower level languages) with Externals;
3. RevSelect Projects (ie templates, Revolution projects licensed to third parties as a basis for new products);
4. Complementary tools and content (ie tools and materials that extend the value of Revolution as a platform);
5. Things yet unimagined!

This set of Frequently Asked Questions are based on feedback from the initial group of participating vendors. Runtime Revolution will update this list as we compile additional questions from new and potential partners.

General Questions

If I want to develop IDE add-ons or externals for Revolution, do I have to sell them through RevSelect?

No. Subject to the terms of the Revolution EULA and (if you utilize the Externals SDK) the Externals SDK, you are under no other obligation.

Will Runtime Revolution accept any IDE add-on or external into RevSelect?

No. RevSelect isn't currently a true brokerage, clearing house, processor or "neutral venue" like eBay and requires Runtime Revolution staff to be involved in the promotion of RevSelect products.

Does RevSelect mean that Runtime Revolution is not interested in open source or free software (as defined by the Free Software Foundation) or just plain free software?

Runtime Revolution Ltd supports all promotion of usage for Revolution, including open source. As long as your license does not violate your End User License Agreement with Runtime Revolution, we like free!

Does RevSelect mean that Runtime will not promote third party add-ons or externals that are not in RevSelect?

Runtime Revolution Ltd website has link pages to third party developers, consultants and resources other than RevSelect. Also, Revolution Forums have been set up to allow special interest groups to form that may not be interested in commercial development. If it helps promote Revolution, we are interested in hearing about it!

Who do I talk to about getting into RevSelect?

Message a moderator (Lynn or Heather) to get started.

RevSelect Vendor Benefits

Are there more than one set of conditions/benefits for RevSelect participation?

Yes! RevSelect has two tiers: RevSelect Silver and RevSelect Gold. In general terms, RevSelect Silver is appropriate for companies that have their own marketing, sales and management staff, whereas RevSelect Gold is more appropriate for partners who want Runtime Revolution to take on these responsibilities. Think of RevSelect Silver as a "reseller" agreement, whereas RevSelect Gold is a "publishing" agreement.

What are the general (Silver and Gold) benefits of RevSelect participation?

Runtime Revolution Ltd is the developer of Revolution, so the tighter the assocation with Runtime Revolution Ltd, the more likely Revolution users will be exposed to your product - inside the Runtime Revolution Ltd store, on the Revolution Forums and on banner circulation through the Runtime Revolution Ltd website. There is also a private planning forum devoted to working with RevSelect vendors.

What are the specific benefits to the RevSelect Silver program?

RevSelect silver is a non-exclusive program - a reseller program. This means you are free to sell your product through other venues, but ultimately you accept all responsibility for marketing of your product. The rate paid for RevSelect Silver is a competitive rate for selling through a reseller. Other benefits include:

Banner Rotation. Receive a banner on rotation throughout Runtime Revolution Ltd sites that support banner rotation.

Forum Support. You are permitted to provide technical support for your product (subject to Forum terms and conditions) on the Revolution Forums.

Tutorial Site. When Runtime Revolution tutorial venues become available, you will be permitted to post tutorials to the site.

Additional Benefits. Runtime Revolution may add additional benefits to the RevSelect Silver program.

What are the specific benefits to the RevSelect Gold program?

RevSelect Gold is an exclusive program - a publisher program. This means you grant to Runtime Revolution the exclusive right to sell the products. The rate paid for RevSelect Gold is higher than RevSelect Silver, however this also allows Runtime Revolution to expose your products through its own reseller and distribution network. Other benefits (over Silver) include:

Banner Rotation. Receive two banners (one more than Silver) on rotation throughout Runtime Revolution Ltd sites that support banner rotation.

Forum Support. You receive one dedicated Forum for your company on Revolution Forums, and also agree to allocate an employee's time to provide at least some technical support to customers through this dedicated Forum.

Republishing. RevSelect Gold partner products are available through Runtime's republisher program, meaning, Runtime represents the products through its reseller and distribution network.

Additional Benefits. Selective participation in press events, pre-release versions, among others.

Planning Products for RevSelect

Is Runtime Revolution Ltd looking for any particular type of add-on, external or RevSelect project to include in RevSelect?

Yes and no. Yes, we are looking for products that add significant value to Revolution as a platform, especially those that have a long term appeal. No, we aren't looking for any one particular product.

Is there a risk that Runtime Revolution will copy my idea into Revolution?

Runtime Revolution Ltd cannot make promises that will endanger growth of Revolution as a platform. With careful planning, it is relatively easy to determine if a potential feature will show up in a future version of Revolution.

What is a really hot and popular add-on I can create for Revolution?

This is a moving target in the software industry. Here are some tips on coming up with a good product strategy -

A. Look at what Revolution users are opening talking about. There is a suggestions forum on Revolution Forums. Stop by and take a look.
B. Look at what is popular with other development tools. There are enduring and prospering third party tools for the likes of Director and VB.
C. Look at what is generally hot in the software industry and build a Revolution extension for it.

What do you think about porting third party solutions from other products (FileMaker, VB, REALbasic, Director, etc)?

If you already have a successful formula on another platform, chances are it will be attractive to Revolution users. When asked about porting to Windows, a wise executive at Apple Computer once said "We'd rather have you port to Windows and thrive, than be Mac only and go under".

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