Android player controls disappear

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Android player controls disappear

Post by jim1001 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:59 pm

I’m playing some audio on Android using the mobileControlSet “player”. Yes, I know there are other ways of playing mobile audio but I’d like to get this way to work better.

I find that player controls disappear when the media has stopped playing leaving a black rectangle. Clicking on the black rectangle brings them back (with video, the video remains visible but the controls still disappear)

Is this well known & is there an elegant solution that may be more obvious to a user?

The best I have up to now is a button to the right of the player which when clicked does a

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mobileControlSet <playerID>, "showController", true
- this also brings the controls back.

I’ve tried handling the the playerFinished message on its card script with the above command but the message doesn’t seem to fire. (aside: the dictionary says playerFinished is for ios & android whereas playerStopped is only for ios)

Thanks for any replies.

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