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Re: Community widgets

Post by [-hh] » Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:58 am

[#55] Community LCB widget "hhControls" v1.0.2

(Tested to work on newer MacOS/ Win 7+10/ Ubuntu 1604)
This is for LC 8 (version > 8.1.4).
LC 9 is currently (as of 9.0.0-dp11) not supported, sorry.

hhControls is a widget that lets you create a widget that contains controls:

One or several of

++ push buttons,
++ check boxes,
++ (groupable) radio buttons,
++ info text,
++ number steppers,
++ text steppers,
++ popup menus,
++ (horizontal) sliders,
++ color swatches (needs widget hhColorpicker)

The controls are automatically placed, you only select whether they start a new row or reside in the same row as the previous control.

Hint. Start to play with the ControlKit (see below).

The controls have a lot of properties that you can set in the property editor or by script. Find these properties documented in the dictionary.

You can set the font for the names/labels and set the fontSize.

The fontSize controls the size of the widget. All controls scale with the selected fontSize. LCB does a real good job with that, you will be surprised.

The demo stack has 5 scripted widget. The scripts show how to use the MESSAGE that is sent by the widget on mouseUp (or by hitting a push button if popped up) to its script object/the card.

For downloading the widget and a demo stack use the hh-widgets-un-installer from "Sample Stacks" of the LC toolbar (or download from ). See also this post.

For an easy build of the controls I made moreover a CONTROLKIT* that is also available via "Sample Stacks" (or download from ). This stack lets you build a control widget by clicks and generates moreover a script that builds your widget (especially for use with "popup widget"). All widgets from the demo stack were made with the ControlKit in a few minutes. You can use this stack also for an easy edit of your built widgets (just copy the widget back to the controlKit for that).
*Feb 02, 2018: New version 102b (removed a bug in the script generation)
One example of a hhControls widget.
hhControls101.png (14.07 KiB) Viewed 363 times
Another example of a hhControls widget.
hhControls100.png (26.13 KiB) Viewed 407 times
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