Printing Data grid lines to pdf

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Printing Data grid lines to pdf

Post by Jhonbhai » Thu Jun 27, 2019 8:25 am

Hello everyone,,
I'm trying to find a way to print out the text lines of my card into a .pdf file.

For instance, printing out lines 1 through 50 to card 1 work.

However, what I need is the ability to print out all of the lines in my string variable to separate pages in my .pdf file.

I have one card with a text field entry. I imagine what I would need to do is loop through the lines and when it reaches 50 print to pdf for that card.
Increment the card counter and then loop through the next 50 lines and print those to pdf after I emptied the field in my card etc etc.

Seems a bit overkill and I'm hoping there is an easier way.
Any thoughts on the best method?


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