How to use tsNetPostSync (Solved)

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How to use tsNetPostSync (Solved)

Post by mrcoollion » Fri Jun 21, 2019 11:11 am

Hello all magnificent LC devs,

I am working on a translation application And got stuck on implementing Google translation method. I've got Microsoft, RapidAPI and Yandex running with tsNetGetSync . Now I am trying to get Google translate to work with tsNetPostSync according with help of the google API example. The example is shown below but I cannot get it to work. Of coarse I have looked at LC examples like ... -callbacks

Google API example

Code: Select all

 "source": "en",
 "target": "nl",
 "q": [
  "This is my text"
The tsNetPostSync request syntax from the dictionary is:

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 tsNetPostSync(pURL, xHeaders, pPostData, rOutHeaders, rResult, rBytes, [pSettings])
I have filled

Code: Select all{YOUR_API_KEY}
into the variable pURL but i have no clue on how to work the body part into tsNetPostSync . I keep getting error 400 (Bad request) :cry:

Can anybody help me on this?

Paul (mrcoollion)

I have got it working with a get command and putting the parameter into the request URL...

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