How to create data sync: LiveCode app <-> server with MySQL?

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greg falda
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How to create data sync: LiveCode app <-> server with MySQL?

Post by greg falda » Wed May 24, 2017 11:21 am

Dear all

I have a mobile SQLite database of my LiveCode app (Android, iOS). On the LiveCode server, I have a MySQL database.
Both databases have (logically) the same tables with the same data.

The data may be updated in any of the databases. On the mobile - by my LiveCode app, on the server - by a Web application.

My goal is to provide a sync between the databases - through a WebService, I guess. The goal of the sync is to keep the data (logically) the same.

I am able to define a (logical) policy of how to keep the data in sync (put timestamp on updated records and synchronize only those records, remember which records were deleted and so on), but I'm still unaware of how to implement the sync from the technical point of view.

1) What are the best technologies/libraries to accomplish the task? I believe a WebService would be proper, but could you provide some details, suggest any technical solutions or a roadmap?

2) Do you know about any documentation/courses/tutorials/links (from LiveCode or other parties) which would help me accomplishing this task?

3) In fact, any informations and ideas of how to create such a sync are welcome.

Thanks in advance
greg falda

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Re: How to create data sync: LiveCode app <-> server with My

Post by AndyP » Wed May 24, 2017 2:21 pm

You may find this post interesting? ... nc#p145623
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