Determining the active email client on OSX and Windows...

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Determining the active email client on OSX and Windows...

Post by » Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:25 pm

Does anyone out there have reliable scripts for determining the active email client on OSX and/or Windows? Including and especially if the user is using GMail?

The issue is that when you use revMail (i.e. revMail address, [ccAddress, [mailSubject, [messageBody]]] ) it appears that Google GMail has a character limit on the length of a message that can be passed to it. I'd like to adjust some code I have that crafts a less detailed message for GMail users while retaining the more lengthy information for users of any other email client, but to do that I need to detect what client the user has set as their primary email client.

Any known good solutions to this would be very much appreciated,
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Re: Determining the active email client on OSX and Windows..

Post by AxWald » Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:15 pm


had a quick search windows-wise, found nothing usable. Preferred mail program settings should be in the registry, but on a user-defined basis. May work, but the keys I found have strange names - including those nasty unique identifiers ...
From VBA, the other way, I didn't find anything useful at a quick glance, too.

Lemme think a minute ...

Maybe do it with the help of your user?
  1. At first run, answer "Hey User, we need to find your preferred EMail program! I will start it now and try to determine its name. Once I have found it, I'll beep. You will see an empty email, feel free to cancel it -after my beep! Come back to this window once you're done, and check the results in the area called 'Message'!"
  2. Now: "revMail"
  3. Then "get the openprocesses", analyze it, and you should have it. Beep, write a nice message into fld Message, and you're done ;-)
Tried, and worked, here. Hope it works at your side, too!

Just another question: Your talking about "GMail" - I know it as a mail provider, but not as a program with that you can interact? I'm using Thunderbird for my GMail accounts. Did I miss something?

Have fun!
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