LiveCode vs Xojo licenses

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Re: LiveCode vs Xojo licenses

Post by amthonyblack » Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:46 pm

"And not only me, but all others participating, or maybe even leeching, will profit of the work done."

the community here is not centered around your software though so the idea that you are going to have lots of people invested in your software most likely will not be the case. You seem to be confusing open source with others automatically joining you but that is entirely dependent on whether anyone else wants to be a part of your software's community.

What you guys are saying sounds nice but you are confusing open source applications with open source languages. Php, Ruby etc needed commercial applications to be viable and for those languages to hit critical mass. LIvecode needs the same. Companies can hire PHP,C# , Ruby etc programmers and own the apps without seeing their competitors using the software they paid to have built. OF course open source models work but they require certain conditions which most of the time include a sufficiently large user base. For a great many people and developers saying its okay because you have open source models isn't going to work which is why you have this thread discussing the commercial use of the language in comparison to other options which allow proprietary software.

Edit: after working with Liveode for awhile I have to amend my statement above. I now consider Livecode to be one of the worst languages to invest time in if you are serious about learning programming. Almost every other language out there has similar conventions that will easily allow you to pick up new languages but Livecode is stuck in hypercard conventions that nowhere near assist you in proceeding with other languages and is not even particularly intuitive. Python is a far easier to learn since the conventions are straightforward and there are ton loads of examples and materials that you can learn from and its far more robust. Xojo beats livecode in that it has an easy language that still remains within the conventions of modern programming. They now beat the socks off on commercial licensing price too. Live code will never get to critical mass the way they are heading. I consider the time and money I spent with livecode a waste

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