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Mobile message when app loses focus - "Home" btn

Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 2:58 am
by Simon
Hi, Ben said that I should repost this bug/enhancement here.

Pretty simple to explain.
On Android when the liveCode app is running and the user presses home to select a different app there is no message sent to the liveCode app. It keeps running happily in the background.
The problem occurs when your app (say a game) that has sound effects, will keep bleeping and blopping in the background while the newly selected app is running.

iOS has mergNotify (and the plist hack) the same is needed for Android. There are many other cases where this would be useful e.g. saving preference files, executing a "quit" so the app always goes through pre/OpenStack.

OK I'll settle in the short term that the function only allows "quit" without "shutDownRequest" code so as to avoid the "wait" problem.