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About the Documentation Forum

Post by FourthWorld » Fri May 09, 2014 4:44 pm

The Documentation forum is a work space for identifying ways to improve LiveCode's documentation, and to build a team of community members who can help see those initiatives through to completion.

Everyone is invited to participate, and to help keep things productive it's best if suggestions are presented in the form of specific actionable tasks. For example, the first task being added here is for removing references in the Dictionary to older OSes no longer supported by LiveCode, as opposed to a more vague suggestion like "Get rid of the old stuff".

Sometimes it may be difficult to pin down the specifics of how to improve the docs, so there's a section here for "Brainstorms" where you can explore ideas to see if a specific proposal can be arrived at.

Once specific initiatives are identified and there's general agreement about the value of implementing them, we'll need community members to form a team to coordinate the work among themselves and with the core dev team at RunRev. My role as Community Manager will be to help identify obstacles which may stand in the way of completing these tasks, and seeing what needs to be done to remove them so the work can proceed as easily as practical.

The LiveCode page on Community Contributions include a section on working on the documentation:

Those interested in joining the Community Documentation Team should read that to become familiar with the current style and workflow, and feel free to offer suggestions for refining it.

Thanks in advance for your interest in helping to enhance LiveCode's documentation.
Richard Gaskin
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