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Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:54 pm
by wilstrand
Dear All,

Most welcome to the rGrid forum!

rGrid is a feature rich and highly customizable spreadsheet inspired grid control.
It's open source with a commercial license available.

You can download the latest rGrid from here and read the "Get Started" section here:

The "rGridEngine" has a built in dictionary and a demo section where you can play with and
inspect a number of demo scripts.

There is also a Quality Center were you can submit bug report and feature requests here:

Update: New rGrid version 1.6.0 just released.
This version fixes a few bugs related to the cut, copy and paste features in 1.5.1
It also adds the ability to copy and paste cell content directly from other applications like Excel.

Hope you will have good use of rGrid!

With my best regards