Moving an application to a web portal,

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Moving an application to a web portal,

Post by mvillion » Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:51 pm

HI all

I have developed a couple of standalone apps that work quite well.
They run on Windows, Mac and iOS no problem. It took me a number of years to go from terrible code into something that is maintainable, readable and reasonably well structured <Allegedly>. :D

I need to move the concept into a web portal which is where I am unsure where to start.
I know my app will need to be re-coded, to break out the GUI from the core engine and I am fine with that concept. I am going to use JSON as the data protocol between the two modules as the structure I am currently using is almost XML. It won't be hard to rewrite the communication blocks to be JSON compliant.

What I am looking for is any lesson or documents that will expand my knowledge of application architecture and how to make this work. I know I am going to need Livecode server but that is all I know. This is a brand new venture into that space and I would appreciate ANY pointers to fast track my learning. Anything, anything at all.
I know there are a lot of hard-learned lessons.

I am interested in identity and authentication structures and processes as well as application architecture.


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