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Sqlite Version - is it really from 2005??

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:04 pm
by Lagi Pittas
I needed to check what version of Sqlite was being used on livecode 9.1
I put this in a button.

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on MouseUp
   local lnVer, lcSql, lnDbId
   -- Open In Memory database
   put revOpenDatabase("sqlite",,,,,,,) into lnDbId
   put "select Sqlite_Version()" into lcSql
   put revDataFromQuery(comma,return,lnDbId,lcSql) into lnVer
 answer  "Version: " & lnVer

   revCloseDatabase lnDbId
end MouseUp
The answer I get is version is 3.15.0.
Sqlite is Upto version 3.9.2 as of now and there have been many critical bug fixes (and speed improvements) since 2005. Is this an error on the return string or are we that far behind?

Now the output says 3.15.0

The closest to that numbering system I can find is 2007-04-09 - Version 3.3.15 which is 2007 if we assume the .3 is a given.

The next closest is 2005-03-11 - Version 3.1.5 from 2005 - either way it's 10 years old and we had a crowdfunding in 2016 to bring it upto date.

Can anybody confirm this? And Panos I know you are reading this - what is the state of play.

Regards Lagi

Re: Sqlite Version - is it really from 2005??

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:57 pm
by LiveCode_Panos
Hello Lagi,
And Panos I know you are reading this
:) :) :)

The SQLite version we use in LC 9 is indeed v3.15.0. The latest version is currently 3.25.2, released at the end of September 2018:

For anyone interested, you can find which version of each thirdparty library we use by browsing our "thirdparty" GitHub repo: ... evelop-9.0


Re: Sqlite Version - is it really from 2005??

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 2:17 pm
by Lagi Pittas
Thanks Panos,

Good to know we are only a couple of years out.

They must have changed their numbering system and I thought the latest was 2015.

Oh and by state of play I was asking about the Sqlite Library that was funded in Mat 2016 - and would be ready 3 months after a successful funding. Sorry to put the Onus on you but you are closer to the big Cheese(s) (did I mention Cheese?? - sorry Heather) - but there is still stuff outstanding from the Kickstarter and we are getting shiny new toys.

Open language was the main reason I donated to the Kickstarter and came on board the good ship Runrev.


Now I'm really confused - on Github for the file sqlite3.c
[[ libsqlite ]] Update libsqlite to version 3.15.0
and in the code itself we have we have

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#define SQLITE_VERSION        "3.15.0"
:? :?

Kindest Regards Lagi