Field hilited text color on Windows

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Re: Field hilited text color on Windows

Post by bogs » Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:17 pm

I see your using 'srcCopy' as the ink, perhaps a change there would produce the result your looking for? For instance, 'blendDifference' which produces the exact opposite color as what you have originally (a little unpredictable for what your shooting for though I suspect).

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Re: Field hilited text color on Windows

Post by trevix » Sun Jul 29, 2018 3:05 pm

Yes: on windows even the scroll bar get colorised...with awful results. I don't thing is the way to go.

Estethically also I am also having problem with how the hilited line gets painted.
In the first screen shot I posted, I have a 10pt text, with fixed line height, text height 12, margin 8.
The hilited color is "top" aligned with the text, instead of being vertically centered with the text.
Very ugly.
Off course the problem arise from using the "12" text height. Around "14" the color hilite gets centered. But since I need to squeeze more text lines in the field, I cannot avoid this.
On OSX, being able to use light hilited colours, the problem is not so apparent. But is the same.
OSX 10.14.6 LC 9.6.0 Dp2 iOs 9.3>

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