Web Browser Widget Problems

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Web Browser Widget Problems

Post by deadparrotsoftware » Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:00 pm

Is anyone actually using the webbrowser widget successfully in an App?

We tried using it (Windows 8.1 running LC 8 DP16) but got errors and weirdness. :-)

1st Loaded this "example stack" https://livecode.com/a-mini-web-browser ... k-included
and got multiple LCB errors as soon as you load the stack (the sample includes a reference to a widget called "push button" that our indy edition does NOT have. No idea where it came from).

Then Loaded this example stack from livecode Docs http://lessons.livecode.com/s/lessons/f ... n_id=22836
and it does, well, nothing. Does not show ANY web page, at all. I suspect this is because the example was built prior to 8 and the new browser widget. (if so, they really should delete it )

Tried starting from scratch - new stack, just adding browser widget to a card, size it to fit screen, and setting a URL. Nothing else.
It does not give "errors" - it just only displays a small square from the web page! (about 60x100 pixels)!

What we wanted, was for it to display the entire page - scaled to fit the screen (like a normal browser on a phone) - but nothing is working. Seems very...odd. :-)

Joe C.
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Re: Web Browser Widget Problems

Post by jacque » Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:30 pm

The widget is working here for me, I did the same thing as you -- drag it to the card, resize it, set the URL. I'm on Mac though.

I do know there's a bug report about loading certain web sites that contain certain javascript commands, they don't always display right. Do you get the same results if you load, say, google.com?
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Re: Web Browser Widget Problems

Post by quailcreek » Sun Apr 03, 2016 12:17 am

Working fine here too. The pushButton widget was dropped in LC16. Are you getting the error in the sim or on a device?

Someone else had a problem with the size of the browser widget.
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