Command-F documentation for HCard Find behavior?

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Kay Tate
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Command-F documentation for HCard Find behavior?

Post by Kay Tate » Sun Feb 01, 2009 8:23 pm

I need to do arbitrary text string searches on my new Rev stacks. I would like not to have to write a button on each of the stacks just to do this. Is there somewhere that the modal behavior of the Find menu item is documented? I looked in the User Guide and Dictionary and was unsuccessful at figuring it out.

When I enter command-f, I get the selection window, type in the string I want to find, select to search within the current stack, uncheck "script", check "Field text" and hit Find. I get a list of cards that contain the text string. So far so good.

For one stack, when I double click on one of the items where the text was found, it opens that card so i can see what was found. This is just what I want.

On most of my stacks, instead of opening the card, the script for the card background is opened which is worthless. I need to see the card. Since I have a long list of cards, having the card id returned is not useful -- too many to try to find it in a long scrolling list. How do I "turn off" the returning of the script for the find and get back to the card display?

-Kay T.

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