Cef Process: on Windows 7 keep growing

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Cef Process: on Windows 7 keep growing

Post by trevix » Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:59 pm

LC 8.1.3 Windows 7 running on VMware 6.0.6 on OS X 10.11.6

I know nothing of Cef Process but I noticed that each time I navigate from one card to another of my standalone, another of these processes (from the Task manager of Windows 7) get added:
TaskManager.PNG (10.82 KiB) Viewed 913 times
No new processes gets added on IDE, on OS X or on a simple two cards example stack I created in order to check it.
So it must be something in my card change script:

Code: Select all

on mouseUp
   set the enabled of me to false
   MyPlay "clave"
   if the pInfoVisible of group "grInfo" is true then
      hideInfo --on the card script hide some stuff
   end if
   unlock screen
   go next card
   MyPlay "swish 2"
   set the enabled of me to true
end mouseUp
This is the "hideInfo" command:
---Hide the Flow info

Code: Select all

on hideInfo
    if the visible of group "grInfo" of card "iPad_Main" of stack "FRmain"  is false then exit hideInfo
    --find wich line we are in
    put the dgHilitedLine of group "DataGrid 1" into tLineNum
    put the dgHilitedIndex of group "DataGrid 1"  into theIndex
    --get the name of the dossier from the line (inside the line array) and
    --fill all the fields using the setprop inside the group
    put the dgDataOfIndex[theIndex] of group "DataGrid 1" into theDataA
    put theDataA["DossierName"] into tNameOfDossier
    lock screen for visual effect in rect (the rect of group "grInfo")
    if there is  a stack tNameOfDossier then
        Set the pGetTheInfo of group "grInfo" to tNameOfDossier 
        --check for changes
        repeat for each line tKey in the keys of gDossiers[tNameOfDossier]["Info"]
            if gDossiers[tNameOfDossier]["Info"][tKey] <> theDataA[tKey] then
                put the short system date into gDossiers[tNameOfDossier]["Info"]["DossierModified"]
                put "LoginName" into gDossiers[tNameOfDossier]["Info"]["DossierModifier"]
                put gDossiers[tNameOfDossier]["Info"] into theDataA
                SaveOneDossier tNameOfDossier --save the stack (needed on mobile in case of exit
                set the dgDataOfIndex[ theIndex ] of group "DataGrid 1" to theDataA
                exit repeat
            end if
        end repeat
    end if
    --get back to the original size
    set the height of group "DataGrid 1" to (the dgNumberOfLines of group "DataGrid 1" * 76) ----76 is the row eight
    set the top of group "DataGrid 1" to the top of group "DossierGroup"
    set the dgVScroll of group "DataGrid 1" to 0
    set the VScroll of group "DossierGroup" to sScroll
    --set the dgVScroll of group "DataGrid 1" to sScroll
    --this memorizes the view
    Set the pInfoVisible of group "grInfo" to false 
    put empty into gPref["OpenFlow"]
    hide group "grInfo"
    if the environment is not  "mobile" then
        set the vScrollBar of group "DossierGroup" to true
        set the scrollbarWidth of group "DossierGroup" to 10 --LC BUG does not remember
    end if
    unlock screen with visual effect push down very fast
end hideInfo
Does anyone know what's happening and where?

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Re: Cef Process: on Windows 7 keep growing

Post by MaxV » Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:20 pm

CEF is Chromium embedded Framework.
It's used to create the browser widget or any browser in livecode from 8.
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Re: Cef Process: on Windows 7 keep growing

Post by trevix » Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:20 pm

Shouldn't it happens on OS X too?

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Re: Cef Process: on Windows 7 keep growing

Post by FourthWorld » Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:35 pm

Sounds like it's loading more instances of the CEF browser engine than needed. If you have a clear recipe for this in v9 you might want to file a bug report:
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