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Ubuntu Core, anyone?

Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 4:50 pm
by FourthWorld
I'm downloading Ubuntu Core right now, to be installed on a new MicroSD card for my Pi2: ... erry-pi-2/

Since this Pi will be primarily a server I'm expecting a good time in terms of overall performance. And since it's Ubuntu, I'm expecting to know my way around there about as well as I can work with my VPSes.

What I don't know to expect is: Will the LC build for Pi run as well under Ubuntu Core as it does under other Debian-based distros?

Most of the issues folks have encountered with LC on Pi seem to be specific to the GUI stack, which of course won't be present in a server config. So I'm hoping my server apps will work well.

But it would be helpful to know if anyone else here has tried LC's ARM/Linux engine under Ubuntu Core. Looking forward to any guidance you can offer.