RaspberryPi Stacks

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Re: RaspberryPi Stacks

Post by trevix » Thu Sep 03, 2020 8:49 am

Really incredible all the stacks you created.
That's why, may be, you can help me out with this:

Like I wrote in another post, I have been using the graph widget, but I found it way too limited for my uses: I would like to convert a scattered set of points (X,Y) to a smooth curved line (like in the attachment).
So, giving up the graph widget, I did some research and I realized that:
- my math sucks
- probably i need to do "cubic spline interpolation" (!?)
Is there any chance you post some example on how to do this?
Schermata 2020-08-24 alle 19-1.01.39.png
Schermata 2020-08-24 alle 19-1.01.39.png (51.37 KiB) Viewed 1333 times
OSX 10.14.6 LC 9.6.0 Dp2 iOs 9.3>

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