Suggestion: More externals / integrations

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Suggestion: More externals / integrations

Post by ekek » Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:41 pm


I want to start saying that MergExt is a wonderful product that every LiveCode user should use. I´ve been using it for more than 2 years and all I can say is that my satisfaction level is practically 100%.

However, I'd wish that its development speed could be faster so it can include several externals / integrations that today apps require to be competitive (and profitable), some examples / suggestions could be:

- Payment proccesing
  • - Paypal
    - Apple Pay
    - Braintree (it includes PayPal and Apple Pay)
    - etc.

- Twilio external (Voice and SMS)
- external
- Instagram, etc. share (in MergSocial)
- Nuance voice recognition SDK external
- HealthKit external
- Multipeer (iOS 8) external
- PassBook external
- WatchKit
- Facebook and Twitter integration (old integrations by Andre Garzia don't work anymore)
- Instragram integration

I respect so much Monte's work and I consider him as one of the best developers I know, so I'm sure he can implement almost all of this examples. I think that we as members of this community (and customers) can support him to make these projects come true, but also that Livecode should make and extra effort since Livecode plattform is more valuable thanks to Monte's work.

As a iOS Livecode developer with apps (all free) in the Top of the Apple App Store (one has been #1 in several countries, and others are in the Top 20, Top 50 and Top 100) I think that livecode has to work harder making its plattform more extensible and as a result, more valuable. The main limitation I've found is the lack of externals for payment processing and for the most common SKDs in iOS 8 (like healthkit and Passbook)

I hope this suggestions can be heard and I invite to everyone to support Monte's and Livecode efforts.

Best regards!

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VIP Livecode Opensource Backer
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Re: Suggestion: More externals / integrations

Post by monte » Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:14 am

I would love mergExt development to be faster too!

The problem is the number one rule with developing third party extensions for LiveCode is "Don't give up your day job". So what we need is either lots more people to get on board so I can put more time in or some more people to fund development of individual externals which I do at a reduced rate if they are suitable for inclusion in mergExt. If you have a budget to get some of these externals implemented then drop me a line.

Rest assured that I'd happily spend all day every day pumping out LiveCode extensions if I could ;-)
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Re: Suggestion: More externals / integrations

Post by ekek » Thu Mar 12, 2015 5:16 am

Thanks Monte, I'll be in touch.

Let's hope more users suscribe to MergExt, it is a great investment.

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