SQL Yoga Levure Helper now available

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SQL Yoga Levure Helper now available

Post by trevordevore » Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:35 pm

SQL Yoga has been been converted to script only stacks and is now distributed as a Levure Helper. While it can still be used outside of the Levure framework you will find it much easier to use within Levure. When using Levure you can create database connections, tables objects, relationship objects, scope objects, and SQL query template object using YAML. You can also perform create database tables and insert records using migration files (YAML or LiveCode scripts). These YAML files are easier to write and update and will work nicely in a version control system.

Check out the wiki for the latest docs. Error handling has been standardized and the new behavior is described in the wiki. There is also a stack that runs in the LiveCode IDE which provides some helper functions for running migrations and keeping the schema YAML file up to date.

Wiki: https://github.com/trevordevore/sql-yoga/wiki

You can find a list of additional Levure helpers that don't ship with Levure on the 3rd party helpers page:

https://github.com/trevordevore/levure/ ... ty-helpers
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