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Re: Participant Introductions

Post by amanteai » Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:12 am

Hi all!

My name is Jackie and I live in North Carolina. I'm 30 and I went to school a decade ago for graphic media, but don't remember a lick of programming. So maybe not technically a newbie but really really close to one. :D Trying to brush up my skills and become marketable!

Quentin Brown
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Re: Participant Introductions

Post by Quentin Brown » Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:08 pm

Hi all,

A little late to the party but I've been ill!

Nice to meet you all and to hear that at least one of you has been busy developing database centric apps in Filemaker because that is where I'm coming from.
I work in London, England as a freelance Digital Cinema camera technician in film & television commercials, an area where technology is racing forward at blistering speed and production managers and post production houses are struggling to keep up. One of my main tasks is make sure the new cameras are used optimally and all the data gets safely through the production chain in the best way possible. Part of this is capturing and passing on metadata and creating reports. I have been working on a system for this in Filemaker which works very well but I am starting to run up against it's limitations and also a wall where it comes to integrating ipads, video processing & streaming and group access as Filemaker server licenses will be required...
I have taught myself Filemaker over the last year in spare moments on set or at home and previously authored multimedia DVD roms for a little while a few years back using a program called AutoPlay Media Studio by Indigo Rose software that was windows only but brilliantly intuitive and easy to learn.

I really hope to get up to speed quickly in Livecode as it looks like I will have to build a lot of the basic functionality that is in Filemaker into my Livecode solution from the ground up before I can reach where I had got to so far in Filemaker, but at least it will give me the opportunity to tailor those functions to how I want them to work. Report making and PDF printing are a concern though and I don't really want to have to license Quantarm Reports or something like that as I want to have a report building function built in to my solution so user can create custom reports. Down the line I might even build in some invoicing and accounting functionality and video streaming to tablet devices for multiple users to review and annotate clips, it will also need to support transcoding of video formats to something streamable from the various source files - hopefully a feature supported by the new multiplatform media player coming soon to Livecode..

That has been my only reservation about signing up so far; with all the new features and restructing of Livecode going on will this knowledge become obsolete and won't it be better to do all this once all the updates have been made?


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Re: Participant Introductions

Post by saldroubi » Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:29 am

Greetings everyone,

My name is Sam Al-Droubi and I live in Nashville, TN in the USA. I have some ideas to write statistical data apps. I am not new to programming but certainly new to writing mobile or desktop apps. My programming experience is centered around backend database programming.

The course been great so far. I hope everyone enjoys the course and that we help each other learn and troubleshoot problems.


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Re: Participant Introductions

Post by brodwils » Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:43 pm

Hi all,

Well - better late than never!

I'm also based in Perth Australia.

I have previously played with Hypercard and Supercard, and am returning to the fold after re-discovering LiveCode (also via Kickstarter). After a long career in geological data management, I'm now a business owner allied to photographic services and have some ideas for apps that will hopefully add value to that. We already have (3rd party) client software that is available for the Windows environment, and ultimately I would like to replicate that on the Mac and/or tablets and smartphones.

As mentioned earlier in this thread - the trick will be to keep the functionality of "version 1" manageable! After a long time mulling over what to start with, I think I'm ready to start making my first app a reality.


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