Visual WSJF tool

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Visual WSJF tool

Post by ErwinV » Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:57 am

Hi all,

I want to create a tool that allows me to import JIRA records, select a WSJF element (BV, TC, R/O or JS) to work on and drop them as a 'post-it' on a page with columns.
The post-it shows some info from the imported record like e.g. its title, WSJF and elements,...
Each column on the page represents a numeric value that could be used for said element. If the element already has a value, then the post-it drops in the corresponding column. Else it drops in a 'landing zone'.
From the landing zone, the user can drag the post-it to the column that represents the value that the user wants to assign to the element.
This principle works for each element type.
In a pane on the left-hand side, all records are displayed ordered by calculated WSJF value (real-time).
Is LC able to support easy creation of such an interface? I'm a low-code lover but never tried LC before on a real project.

Thanks, Erwin

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