Pars XML for same TAG different LINE

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Pars XML for same TAG different LINE

Post by gilar » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:54 am

Hello Everybody ....
I'm following this lesson ... n-xml-file
and Succes follow this tutorial
Now i have problem to pars XML for the same TAG in Different Line

Here is the XML file ... mDuM4jdUus ... 4pjA04nsUo

There is two TAG
<teams> --- i can pars this line
<teams> --- I can not pars this line

This is my code

Code: Select all

private command processPreferencesTree pTree
   local tTextColor
   put revXMLNodeContents(pTree, "xml/teams/teamNumber") into tTeamSatu
   local tTeamDua
   put revXMLChildNames(pTree, "xml/teams/teamNumber", return, "teamNumber", true) into tTeamDua

Comment and help would be appreciate

Best Regards

Gilar Kadarsah | Indonesia

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