Here is an RSS reader sample script

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Here is an RSS reader sample script

Post by theotherbassist » Wed Apr 27, 2016 1:50 pm

There's been so much interest in RSS in the last few days on here...

I can say with some confidence that anyone wanting to grab and use XML in livecode will find it much more rewarding and informative to start building from scratch. I know because I started figuring it out myself a few weeks ago. No, there aren't any great tutorials around for LC7. But the language dictionary will give you all the information you need. If you can't quite comprehend the revXML entries then there are plenty of helpful tutorials and lessons on related topics that you'll probably need to brush up on.

You will need to know how to create and manipulate arrays.
You will need to know how to display 8-bit unicode.
You will need to understand the basic syntax of XML.
You will need to understand the standards for RSS 2.0
You will need to be very handy with recursive functions
You will need to know how to manipulate URL filepaths in an organized way by changing the itemdelimiter etc.

If any of these things sound foreign to you, blocks of example code for RSS in Livecode aren't going to be very valuable because you have to understand the functions before you can bend them to fit your own app framework. And you can't expect that forum users will be able to make all those little tweaks for you--it's a helpful group for sure, but we're much more willing to assist when we can see you've done a little legwork first.
With all that said (by me, in another thread), I don't mean to discourage anyone's attempts. So I have attached a stack with the most basic form for pulling RSS data imaginable. It doesn't have any failsafes. It only imports from a single feed. It only displays titles. But all the breadcrumbs are there. If you can figure out how to change my script to suit your needs, then I think you'll have done quite well.

Basic RSS -
An absolutely barebones RSS data importer
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