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Data Grid Form Examples & Beginner Lab Tutorial

Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:40 pm
by TerryL
~ Data Grid Forms is a stack of eight dg forms demonstrating some useful techniques.

DG1: Expand/contract all rows, save/retrieve checkbox selections to text file, search rows.
DG2: Transfer dg to field and field to dg.
DG3: Populate with subset of data.
DG4: Extract data with dgText[true], expand/contract one row with checkbox.
DG5: Graphic line, hilite and background color, text color/style, search rows with dgText[true].
DG6: Graphic lines, image as button icon, no LayoutControl handler.
DG7: User input, user edit text, wrap text, sum column of numbers.
DG8: Identify checkbox selections, wrap line 2 of row, text color, populate with dgText[true]

~ And the newest version of Beginner Lab, a LiveCode tutorial containing 31 lessons with examples and step-by-step instructions. (Updated many topics, added Table Of Contents, Cross-Platform Fonts, Data Grid Form, Dialogs, Pull-Down Menu.)

Program A Button & Field; Message Hierarchy; Message Box, Dictionary & User Guide; Commands, Functions, & Properties; Containers; Menu Buttons & List Fields; Repeat; Geometry Manager; Math; Test Input; Date & Time; Grouped Buttons & Fields; Sort Cards, Lines, & Items; Print Cards, Fields, & Text; Find Text; Styled Text; Cross-Platform Fonts; Speech; Files & Folders; Icons, Images, & Graphics; Data Grid Table; Data Grid Form; Array; Palette, Modeless & Modal Dialogs; Button Ideas; Field Ideas; Reference; Build A Pull-Down Menu Stack; Build A Rolodex Stack; Build A Four Card Stack.

Download both stacks, Data Grid Forms & Beginner Lab tutorial in Starter Kit, a collection of entry-level stacks.

Or download the stack Data Grid Forms below.

If I could offer two data grid tips:
1) Don't even think about dragging a data grid from the tools palette without the LiveCode Data Grid pdf.
2) Don't paste a data grid. Drag a new one from the tools palette and paste Row Template Group objects and Row Behavior Script handlers from the dg you want to copy.